2 Weeks Pregnant

The 2nd week of pregnancy is highly important for the doctors and obstetricians.  According to astute obstetricians, the dating systems start specifically from the second week. The ovulation process starts in this week and doctors make rough estimation of the due date of the baby.

2 Weeks Pregnant Signs and Symptoms

In the 2nd week of pregnancy your body will start giving out some specific signs. Here is a checklist of the crucial signs that you might experience:

  • Tingling sensation on the nipples
  • Increased sense of fatigue
  • Intention of urination increases
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Nausea
  • Emotional unease and mood swings
  • Breast tenderness
  • Enlargement of breast
  • Enhancement of sexual appetite
  • Missed periods
  • Bra might become uncomfortable
  • The color of vagina and vulva might change
  • Morning sickness

Bleeding or Spotting issues in the second week

You might experience a little bit of bleeding issue during the 2nd week of pregnancy. This type of spotting or bleeding is called implantation bleeding. People unaware of their pregnancy often confuse implantation bleeding with light period. However, you should consult your doctor immediately as miscarriages and ectopic pregnancy are very common in the first trimester of the pregnancy.

Cramping in second week of pregnancy

It is not abnormal to experience a cramping sensation when you are 2 weeks pregnant. In the second week of pregnancy, your uterus is developing fast and ligaments are stretching. As a result, the cramping pain is triggered.

Changes happening to your body in 2nd week of pregnancy

Some vital changes take place in this week. The process of fertilization of the eggs and ovulation starts in this week. Uterus lining becomes thickened. The eggs, after being released from the ovary and sent through the fallopian tubes, are ready for fertilization.

2 weeks Pregnant Tests

Is there any ultrasound test in the 2nd week of pregnancy?

If you experience ovarian cysts, issues in the placenta previa or acute pelvic abnormalities then you can think about an ultrasound test in order to get a clear picture of your pregnancy.

Could there be x ray tests?

Yes, x ray tests can be performed but the level of radiation has to be really mild. Radiation level lower than 60 millirads would be just fine.

2nd Week of Pregnancy Risk Factors

There are generally no risk factors in the 2nd week of pregnancy. However, it is highly advised to check for pre existent Gestational diabetes because this might cause issues which need some added medical attention for a healthy pregnancy.

2 weeks Pregnant FAQs

What about sleeping positions in this stage?

Sleeping on the left side is highly recommended. If you have the habit of lying on your stomach then try to change it. Though it is not harmful in the early stage of pregnancy it will not be comfortable in the later stages.

Should you drink alcohol when you are 2 week pregnant?

Health experts advise that you should abstain from drinking alcohol as much as possible.  Regular and binge drinking could turn out to be dangerous for the baby because alcoholic beverages are toxin.

Can there be any miscarriage in the 2nd week of pregnancy?

Generally miscarriages take place in the early phase of pregnancy (prior to eighth week). So, it is highly advised that you should take all sorts of precautions.

Tips you should follow

There are some essential things which you are advised to do in this stage. Here is a checklist:-

  • You should start taking prenatal vitamins
  • Monitor your medication
  • Evaluate your eating habits
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking
  • Stay away from artificial sweeteners and nicotine
  • Use fertility monitors and ovulation kits
  • Take folic acid on a regular basis
  • Trim your coffee intake habits
  • Do not take drugs at all













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