1 week Pregnant

The first week of pregnancy is crucial due to changes in the menstrual system and in the body of a woman. Pregnancy at this stage is often undetected. The first week does flaunt a few important signs of the initial stage of pregnancy.

1 week pregnant symptoms and signs

1st week of pregnancy is full of anticipation and joy.  However out of all the excitement you must not forget to monitor your body temperature and other changes in your body. Some of the symptoms you might experience during this period of pregnancy are :-

  • Mood swings
  • Fatigue
  • Morning sickness
  • Tender breasts
  • Body temperature increasing
  • Developing apathy or antipathy towards many things
  • Constant intention of urination
  • Constipation
  • Hormonal changes

Fetal development of the baby in the first week

Last week of menstrual cycle is considered to be the first week of your pregnancy. There is no major development as the eggs are fertilized in the second week.

1 week pregnant tests

Hormone test is evidently one of the most vital tests conducted in the initial phase of pregnancy. It is also known as HCG test.


Is there any ultrasound scan in the first week of pregnancy?

No, there is no ultrasound scan done during this period.

What should you expect when you are 1 week pregnant?

First week can be a lot stressful as its hard to be sure that you are pregnant. However, you might experience a feeling of tiredness all the time (they might be false positives).

Is sex safe during this stage?

Yes, it should be quite safe if you and your partner choose to make love during the 1st week. However, make sure that you should remain gentle during the intercourse.

Are there any risk factors?

You will not be exposed to any potential threat or risk factor in the 1st week of your pregnancy.

Things to ask to your doctor during 1st week of pregnancy

During the first week of your pregnancy a lot of questions could shoot in your mind. It is expected that you might be a little edgy at such a crucial juncture of your life.  In order to overcome that edginess you should seek expert counseling from your doctor.

  • Pregnancy pains and aches
  • About the usage of professional doulas in this stage
  • Prenatal tests
  • Childbirth classes
  • Social induction of labor
  • Artificial induction methods and their impact
  • VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) cases and impacts
  • Delivery related details
  • All about informed consent
  • All about stress tests
  • Prescription as well as non prescription medication
  • STIs or sexually transmitted infections
  • Generic health problems during the first week of pregnancy

Tips and things to follow when you are 1 weeks pregnant

In order to ensure the safety of your unborn child you would be required to follow a few aspects verbatim.

  • Absorption of folic acid (at least 400 micrograms) is an absolute must
  • Getting rid of tobacco habits should be encouraged
  • Restrictions should be imposed on excessive drinking of coffee
  • Caution is required prior to getting a hot bath
  • 300 calories as well as 8 glasses of liquids (water and healthy juice)
  • fertilization of eggs will actually start in the second week but you will have to exert caution as much as possible










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