Your Smart Phone Could Be Making You Gain Weight

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There are certain things that we all know cause weight gain. Junk food, soft drinks, lack of sleep, watching too much television – all of these have been linked to weight gain. Well now there’s another thing you can add to that list, and it’s something you may have never considered: your precious smart phone.

That’s right. Your beloved phone could be making you pack on the pounds. Now, if you’re shocked and dismayed by this news, you are not alone. We get it. All of us are on our smart phones 24/7. (You’re probably reading this very article on your phone…) It’s almost as if our phones are glued to our hands! The thought that our best inanimate friend could be our body’s enemy is definitely disheartening. So it makes us beg the question: Is it true?

How Your Smart Phone Is Making You Fat

A recent study found that constant smart phone use could be linked to higher body fat percentage. Researchers at Simon Bolivar University in Colombia conducted a study of 1,060 college students, looking at their phone usage and body weight trends. What they found was definitely interesting!

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The study consisted of 700 women and 360 men, and last for six months. The researchers found that students who spent more than five hours per day on their smart phones increased their risk of obesity by 43 percent. Yikes. Of the participants, 26 percent of them were already considered overweight when the study began. All of these students were part of the population that spent more than five hours per day on their phones. So, it would be safe to conclude that spending more than five hours a day on the phone could be connected to obesity or the future possibility of obesity.

How To Avoid The Smart Phone Weight Gain Phenomenon

It’s pretty clear why excessive smart phone use would lead to weight gain. Instead of being active, you are sitting around looking at your phone. It’s just as bad as watching television all day. The best way to avoid smart phone induced weight gain is by eliminating or significantly reducing this sedentary behavior each day.

Take a look at what you are doing on your smart phone throughout the day. Is it work related? Is it school related? Is it amounting to anything productive? Odds are, the largest portion of your smart phone use is probably for entertainment or social media use. Now, there’s nothing wrong with these things. We’re not saying you shouldn’t be enjoying yourself at all. What we’re saying is that you should cut down on this type of smart phone use. Try to dedicate the majority of your smart phone use to work, school, or necessary communication. Outside of that, limit the time that you use your phone for entertainment or social media to one hour per day.

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There are now apps or features on most smart phones that track your usage and even breakdown how much time you are spending on each thing. Use these tools to make sure that you are spending your smart phone time wisely. Limiting the amount of time you spend on things like entertainment and social media will cut out a huge chunk of your smart phone usage and help you avoid that dreaded weight gain!

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