Trump Deports Maria Gonzalez And Then She Win’s Huge Jackpot

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At only 28 years old, Maria Gonzalez has accomplished so much!

When she was a child, Maria escaped the cartel in Tijuana, Mexico. She immigrated to the United States and went on to become a champion student athlete. After Donald Trump was elected, her worst nightmare came true. Despite having “DREAMER” status, she was being deported back to Mexico! She decided to move to Canada and start all over again. She couldn’t find a job and had to live in a cramped apartment in Toronto that she could barely afford. Then, last week, her whole life changed.

Maria was browsing on Facebook and received a message from a friend. They told her about , a new online casino back in the States. “They were giving everyone who registered 150 free spins. You didn’t need to make a deposit or anything. You just had to give them your email address. My friend said she won $750 on it, so I figured I’d give it a try, too. I had nothing to lose!”, Maria explains.

But that’s not the end of the story…

“I used the free spins they had given me and I didn’t win anything. I was still optimistic, though. So I went ahead and deposited $10 to give it another try. Five spins later, I had won the mega jackpot of $4,582,221!

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“It was unbelievable,” Maria says. “I had thought the app was some American scam at first. So I didn’t expect to actually receive any money after I won. But then a few days later there was $4.5 million deposited in my account so I knew it was real!”

We Test For Ourselves…

Our reporter, Sarah Krogh, decided to try out and see if it actually worked.

Sarah said:

“I thought Maria’s story was way too good to be true. I had to look into it. After researching for a few days, I discovered that is one of the top online casinos in Europe and they recently allowed it to accept Canadian citizens.

Rumor has it, they’re trying to get the word out in Canada, so they’ve loosened up their rules. They’re practically giving away money, it’s so easy to win!”

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“Something I noticed is that can be really strict about accepting new members. They won’t accept anyone under 18, so you need to submit some things to verify your age. You’ll have to give them your credit card number, but they won’t charge you.

After passing verification, I was able to play all their games. They gave me 150 free spins and a chance to win their mega jackpot. I used my 150 spins whenever I was bored for a few days. It took 73 spins, but I eventually won money! On their ‘Gold Miner Slots’ game I won $1,650! It wasn’t an insane amount of money, but it was still exciting. I’d be able to pay off my credit card and get some new shoes with it!”

Maria Gonzalez Jackpot Win at Online Casino Changed her life!

Online Casino Winnings

“The money I won was deposited in my Capital One 360 account almost instantly!”

We’ve checked with and they said the 150 free spins offer is only available for a limited time because so many people are winning big from the offer.

We hope they extend the promotion, but it’s not likely. If you want the chance to win thousands, or even millions, sign up and get your free spins at now!

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