The Biggest Loser Is Returning To TV With Some Major Changes!

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When The Biggest Loser premiered on NBC back in 2004 it quickly became one of the highest-rated shows on television. The reality competition show that encouraged its contestants to lose weight was not only entertaining, but also inspiring. It wasn’t long before viewers around the world were inspired to begin their own weight loss journeys after seeing the show’s contestants get in better shape. When the show went off the air in 2016, fans were completely devastated, but they can now rejoice in this news: The Biggest Loser is returning to television in 2020!

You read that right! The hit weight loss show will be returning to television next year (an exact date has yet to be announced). While this is awesome news for fans, be prepared for some big changes to the series. So what can viewers expect when the show returns?

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The first big change is that the show will no longer be airing on NBC. It’s true. The series is ditching the peacock and will officially be airing on USA Network. USA executives say that they have already picked up the show for 10 episodes and there is no word yet on how many more there could be. That’ll depend on how many of you tune in!

The second change will be the focus of the show. For all of its seventeen seasons, The Biggest Loser focused solely on numbers. The entire goal was to drop the most pounds. Whoever achieved the biggest difference on the scale would be the winner each season. Viewers may or may not be pleased to hear that the aim will be very different this time around. Instead of the number on the scale, the focus will be overall wellness. Contestants will not only have to drop pounds, but also improve various other aspects of their health. Producers say that the new episodes will take a “360-degree look at wellness” and have a more holistic approach to weight loss than the original run of the series did. We’re not sure exactly what this entails, but it definitely has our interest!

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Now, this final change is going to have viewers up-in-arms. We’re sure of it. When it comes to The Biggest Loser, part of the show’s appeal was the two very different fitness coaches. On one hand, you had Jillian Michaels, who was a harsh and strict go-getter that pushed her contestants to the limits. On the other hand, you had the softer Bob Harper, who empathized with his contestants and encouraged them to do their best. Viewers loved watching Jillian and Bob spar over who would coach one of the contestants all the way to the winner’s spot. So here’s the bad news: Jillian and Bob aren’t going to be on The Biggest Loser when it returns! Producers have yet to announce who the new coaches will be, but they’ve said that it will be “a dynamic new team of experts determined to dramatically improve America’s lifespans and waistlines.”

We’re not sure how we feel about all these changes just yet, but we’ll still give the return of The Biggest Loser a chance! Will other fans do the same?

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