On Their Wedding Night Rajesh Baker Delivered A Secret She Wasn’t Ready For. The Result Will Have You In Tears.


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Rajesh Baker is a history teacher in Mumbai, India who was drowning in over $130,000 of debt after his fiancé was in a serious car accident. He had to sell his home to help pay for her extensive medical bills while also planning their wedding. Due to the cost of her various medical procedures and treatments, they only had a small budget to dedicate to their wedding.

Fortunately, Rajesh’s fiancé made a full recovery, but the couple was left with endless bills to pay off. They dreamed of having a honeymoon in Bora Bora, but they could barely afford the cost of their wedding ceremony. They knew that having a honeymoon wasn’t an option.

One night Rajesh was browsing on Facebook when he saw an ad for an online casino called . He had never played on an online casino and wasn’t even sure that they were legitimate, which nearly caused him to scroll past the ad. However, something caught his eye that made him give it another look. “The ad said that they were offering 150 free chances at the $700,000 JACKPOT for new users,” Rajesh explained. “I was a little skeptical, but given our money problems, I figured I had nothing to lose. It was like something in the back of my mind was asking me, ‘What if you win?'” 

It turns out that little voice in Rajesh’s head was right. He signed up for and immediately got his 150 free spins. In his very first spin, he hit the JACKPOT, winning $782,349! “I couldn’t believe it. In a matter of five seconds I had won 30 times my annual salary,” Rajesh says. “In that instant, I knew our money troubles were over.”
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At first Rajesh wasn’t sure he had really won such an unbelievable amount of money. Then he saw the deposit in his bank account and knew that all of his dreams had come true. “I decided not to tell my wife right away. I wanted to surprise her. I took the money and secretly planned our dream honeymoon, paid off all her medical bills, and even bought our old house back!” Rajesh says. “I waited until our wedding ceremony and after we exchanged vows, I placed a pair of tickets to Bora Bora in her hands as well as the keys to our old home. She was so happy, she began to weep.”

online casino winnings

It looks like was the answer to Rajesh’s prayers. Could it be the answer to yours? We looked into their current promotion and found that they have already given out over $3,000,000 in winnings in just 3 months! This means that they will likely end the 150 free spins promotion soon. If you want the chance to win big like Rajesh did, you will need to act fast!

Our very own reporter, Sarah, decided to try her luck at the JACKPOT promotion. She didn’t win as big as Rajesh, walking away with only $485, but as she said, “It’s enough for a new pair of designer shoes!” 

If you think today is your lucky day, sign up now on and make an initial deposit of $10. Your 150 free spins could lead to millions!


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