EXCLUSIVE STORY: 26yr Old Canadian Passenger Mia McLean Wins Over $800,000 During Flight

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Mia McLean was thrilled to be visiting San Diego, California for the first time. Little did she know, something would happen on the flight there that would change her life! The Canadian teacher won over $800,000 on an online casino in the middle of her flight!

“I had only a few hours left on my flight, and I decided to play this game to pass the time. I had no idea it would change my whole life,” explained 26 year old Mia McLean.

Mia had spotted an ad on Facebook for an online casino called . It was a new site that was seeing a lot of success in the United States and was looking for new players in Canada. “They were giving 80 free spins to new players, so I figured I’d give it a shot. You didn’t have to make a deposit or anything. All they needed was an email address,” Mia says.

“I used my 80 free spins and I actually won $348! I was really excited about that, so I went ahead and deposited $10 for some more spins. That’s when I hit the jackpot and won $892,329! I didn’t totally believe it, but the next day the money was deposited into my bank account!”

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Online Casino Winnings

“I was so excited, I screamed! Everyone on the plane began clapping for me. It was unreal.”

Mia says that she’s going to use the money to travel. “I want to see the world. So many people spend their entire lives working and not enjoying life. I want to make the most of this life!”

Alan Silver is a gambling industry expert. He explained the phenomenon of online casinos: “When these online casinos are brand new, they’re practically giving away millions. They want to lure new players in, so they make it really easy to win. Once a customer base is established, it becomes much harder to win. That means now is the time to play on !”

Our very own Marieke Kessel gave a try. In just 7 minutes she won $1300! “It’s not as big as Mia’s winnings, but I’m not complaining!”

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