Single Mother of Five Kids, Marla Jameson, Has Her Prayers Answered By Winning Casino Jackpot

Marla jameson millions win jackpotMarla Jameson is a 32-year old mom from Toronto who works two jobs. On top of two jobs, she has five children and also volunteers. She recently went to an expensive jewelry store just to browse, and you can understand her shock when she was thrown out for being “too poor”! What happened the following day will leave you stunned.

On a Friday morning, Marla was just window shopping in a high-end jewelry store, something she does once a month. Marl explained, “I love jewelry. I just love looking around at the necklaces, bracelets and earrings. It makes me imagine a future where I can give my children nice things. I don’t bother anyone. I don’t ask to try anything on. I don’t speak to the salespeople. I know I can’t afford any of these things, so I let them talk to real customers.”

This is where it gets messy…

“I was just looking around, minding my own business, when the senior salesman approached me and asked if I could even afford what I was looking at! I might have been having a bad day, but that’s just no way to speak to a customer.” The salesman then called over security and said, “She’s not buying anything – probably too poor!” and began to laugh. She was told to leave and not return.

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Marla left the store and was furious. She knew there was nothing she could do. She confessed, “I just wished there was a day I could walk in there and show that salesman I could afford everything in that store.” She knew this was just a fantasy…or was it?

Marla has always believed in the power of prayer. When she went to bed that night, she asked God for help. She asked for two things: to always be able to provide for her children and to never be humiliated like that again.

The following day, Marla was on Facebook and saw her friend post, “I won!” It turns out she had just won $750 on a new online casino called . Marla immediately messaged her about it. After her friend explained it, Marla decided to try it herself.

Marla said, “I used the 150 spins they give you for $10, but I won nothing. I was still feeling down about what had happened the other day, so I decided to deposit another $10 and this time I won the mega-jackpot! $4,582,221!”

Marla says she was frozen when she saw “JACKPOT” come on the screen. She had no clue what to do. After a ton of commotion, she called her friends and family and treated her children to some nice gifts. Then she realized she could finally get back at that nasty salesman for humiliating her!

The ultimate revenge…

Marla drove right over to that store, dressed in extravagant Prada clothes, and walked right in.

Marla says that “the salesman face was priceless! His jaw was on the floor.” The salesman apologized to Marla, but Marla asked to speak to the manager. When she told the manager what happened, the manager said they did not want an employee who would behave in such a way and he would “be dealt with immediately.”

We followed up with the jewelry store and they confirmed that the salesman was no longer working there. Not only that: they apologized to Marla and offered her 15% off any pendant in the store. Her prayers had been answered!

Sara King, our own reporter, decided to try out the promotion. Much like Marla she was unlucky on her first 150 spins. However, when she deposited another $10, she won $1,200 in a few hours!

We contacted and they said they are not going to offer this promotion for a long period of time. They have confirmed the promotion will end on 30-November-2017

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