Find Out How This 47 Year-Old Janitor Won $800,000 and Married Miss Canada

This 5ft 6in janitor in his late 40’s had bad luck when it came to love. But after winning thousands, his luck turned around when he married Miss Canada!

At the age of 47 years old, Rick Draper from Edmonton had never been married or had kids. He was working as a janitor at local high school until one day, he fell into great fortune. Before he knew it, beautiful women were begging to be with him…including Darlene Hanson, the 33 year-old former Miss Canada.

What changed about Rick that suddenly made him irresistible to women? It turns out that Rick unexpectedly came into a lot of money…and we mean a lot. Rick had won over $800K playing Jackpot on the online casino Captain Cook’s. After this, women were knocking down his door!

How exactly did Rick find this online goldmine? One day while on his smoke break at work, he was browsing Facebook and saw an ad for a new  that was super popular in America. “They were giving new members 80 free spins, so I figured I had nothing to lose!” Rick said.

On his 18th spin, Rick won the jackpot on the Casino Cook’s game, “Mermaid’s Treasure”. He had won $892,329 in under 5 minutes. That’s more than thirty times his annual salary!

“I couldn’t believe it. I was thinking it was some fake, American scam. I went ahead and cashed out, but I wasn’t actually expecting anything…then a few days later there was $800K in my bank account!” he explains.

People are concerned about Darlene’s motives, but Rick doesn’t care. “I’m not stupid. I know she’s after the money, but it’s all good. She gets to buy nice stuff and I get a hot wife.”

Alan Silver is a gambling industry expert and he shared his opinion on this new craze. “Whenever online casinos start up, they run a huge loss and give out tons of money in hopes of gaining new customers. This makes it the best time to take advantage of . Once they’ve established a lot of customers, it’s gonna be harder to win, so you want to play now and earn as much as you can!”

ATV journalist Marieke Kessel tried it out herself and won $190 in 7 minutes. “It’s no where near what Rick one, but I’m still excited!”

UPDATE: Could today be your lucky day? Join  now and get your 80 free spins! There’s no credit card required. Act now before the chance is gone forever!

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