After Years Of Neglect, Teen Wins Millions and Moves Away From Abusive Parents

Dylan Johnson

Dylan Johnson spent the first 16 years of his life being neglected and abused by his parents. He had made up his mind that he would work hard and save all of his money to move out as soon as possible. Then, luck was finally on his side when he ended up winning millions playing an online casino game! The teenager is now moving out on his own and his angry parents are trying to sue him.

“I’ve had a really bad home life. There was a lot of verbal abuse and neglect. My parents never really cared about me,” Dylan says. “I couldn’t wait to get away from them, but I had no idea how I was going to save enough money at my age.”

One day Dylan read about an online casino game that had been legalized in Canada. He wasn’t old enough to play (you have to be 18), but he lied about his age. He also used his parent’s credit card to make an initial $10 deposit on the site. “I was desperate. I saw this as my only way out,” Dylan explains.

So Dylan began playing and in just two month’s time, he had enough money to move out and buy his own home. Once his parents found out what he had done, they decided to sue him for using their credit card. They also notified the site that Dylan lied about his age. Dylan’s account was banned, but not before he had already received all of his winnings and moved out of his parent’s house.

Find Out How Dylan Johnson Won Millions From Online Casino Jackpot!

Dylan Johnson shows off his winnings!

The casino, , has decided to strengthen their age verification system. They said that they’ve never had an instance like this before! has been operating in 50 countries and had just been legalized in Canada when Dylan joined the site. As part of their launch in Canada they offered 500 new users free spins and boosted payouts. These new users were able to win a collective $3.4 million with this promotion!

had to pay a fine for the incident with Dylan, but now they are back up and operating in Canada. To rebuild their reputation, they are currently offering 250 new users free spins and boosted payouts!

We were shocked by how much people are winning with ‘s current promotion. Our very own Phil Carrey decided to try the site out himself. He made an optional deposit of $10 and received 150 spins. On his 16th spin he won $4,200! Within two days, the money had been deposited into his bank account.

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