Clean ear wax using hydrogen peroxide

What is hydrogen peroxide?

It is a colorless, syrupy liquid, commonly used in unstable solutions as a bleaching or disinfecting agent. In fact, it is a highly reactive chemical that finds applications in the manufacturing industry. Since hydrogen peroxide is inexpensive and can be purchased over the counter, it forms a cardinal medical aid for the patients.

What is ear wax?

Ear wax is usually a yellowish substance secreted in the ear canal in order to trap foreign materials like dust and sand particles. Under normal circumstances, a small quantity of wax accumulates and dries up prior to falling out of the ear canal along with the unwanted materials.

How to remove ear wax using hydrogen peroxide?

Excessive accumulation of the ear wax can cause extreme discomfort in the ear and may give rise to bacterial infection, if left untreated. Ear irrigation is not advisable if an individual has a perforated eardrum or a mucus-like discharge from the ear canal. It is always better to consult a good physician before going for a self-cleaning process. In mild cases, affected patients can use hydrogen peroxide to eliminate the accumulated wax-like substance. Here are the following steps to quickly remove ear wax using the chemical agent:

  • Mix equal parts of water and 3% or 6% hydrogen peroxide in a glass or mug
  • Soak a cotton¬†swab in the peroxide solution
  • Tilt the affected ear and apply the moistened cotton ball to the outside in a circular motion
  • Squeeze some of the peroxide solution into the ear
  • Tilt the head in the opposite direction and allow the solution to drain out completely
  • The entire procedure can be repeated using multiple cotton balls for better results
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