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Tim Selak was a high school dropout who worked full-time as a garbage truck driver. He was never considered “the brightest crayon in the box.” For example, he was once rushed to the emergency room for eating laundry detergent!

However, Tim is known for his amazing good luck. Five years ago, the 50 year old purchased a lottery ticket to celebrate his fifth marriage. He ended up winning $600,000! It’s also worth noting he’s survived two major car crashes and a plane crash! His streak as the “Luckiest Man” continued last month when he hit the $2 million jackpot on a new online casino game.

“I’ve been so lucky to live through all these things. I never thought I’d get even luckier and win all this money,” says Tim.

tim selak

As reported on the news and online, Tim won big on the online casino game . He had purchased 150 spins for just $10 and before he knew it, he was a millionaire!

Obviously Tim’s friends tried to cash in on his new millionaire status. “We played the game all day and we won nothing. He plays one minute and wins all that! We’re thinking he should share now,” said Tim’s old friend, Joe.

Tim has decided to stay humble because he doesn’t believe that money can buy happiness. He has spread his money around to family and friends and only purchased himself a modest home to live in.

online casino winnings

Tim is putting the rest of his winnings towards a hip replacement so he can enjoy the rest of his life with his new wife.

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