CBD Oil Product Lands Incredible Deal On Controversial Shark Tank Episode for Ability to Completely Remove Pain With No Side Affects

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(Fox News) According to recent reports, there may be a secret, unaired episode of the hit investment show Shark Tank that featured a revolutionary new product. Sources say that an episode was recently filmed in which a retired doctor presented an all-new cure for chronic pain and he landed an incredible deal for it!

Dr. Jamie Gilbert presented an innovative CBD oil that has been developed to combat chronic pain, among many other things. Dr. Gilbert presented it as an all-natural cure-all that could potentially put Big Pharma out of business for good. The judges were beyond impressed with the product and that is what led to the monumental deal.

There are rumors from the Shark Tank set about what went down during the filming of this episode and it could very well be the reason that it still hasn’t aired on television. Supposedly, all five Sharks got into a heated bidding war over who would get to invest in the product. Things got so intense, it turns into an all-out shouting match and apparently, the network doesn’t want viewers to see the chaos that ensued.

The Full Story On the Dr. Jamie Gilbert CBD Oil

After a prolonged argument over who would make a deal with Dr. Gilbert, all five Sharks teamed up to invest in the product. They purchased a remarkable 25% of Dr. Gilbert’s company and now they are working with him to further develop the product and prepare it for a global launch. Read on to find out how you can get your hands on it…

Did all five Sharks invest in ?

The details of this secret Shark Tank episode have not been confirmed by anyone associated with the show, but it turns out Dr. Gilbert’s product is real and you can use it to begin treating numerous different health concerns. The product is called and it has the ability to ease nausea, reduce chronic pain, resolve insomnia, and decrease seizure activity.

Review of the Dr. Jamie Gilbert CBD Oil

Whether it be chronic pain from arthritis or high blood sugar from diabetes, could help resolve some of the worst symptoms of common health conditions. This is the exact reason that Big Pharma is terrified of this product. If you give patients the choice between an all-natural treatment for their ailment or a prescription drug that comes with a long list of side effects, which one do you think they would choose? Now that this CBD oil has been launched worldwide, it would be no surprise if Big Pharma pain relief products went out of business!

If you’re wondering exactly how this CBD oil product works, no worries. After all, a natural product that offers seemingly endless health benefits seems too good to be true, right? The reality is that it’s not too good to be true. is the real deal and people all over the world are seeing major results using it. How exactly is that?

How Works

The Shark Tank CBD oil is formulated with the purest concentration of cannabidiol. Canna-what? If you’ve never heard of cannabidiol, you aren’t alone. Let us explain what it is and what it does:

Cannabidiol is the component in marijuana that provides medicinal benefits. It has no psychoactive effects. The ingredients in marijuana that deliver the signature “high” is THC. CBD oil products are formulated only with cannabidiol – no THC. That means you get the medicinal benefits without the high.

cannabidiol pain relief

What Can Do For You?

“This product can do almost anything, when you look at its medicinal benefits,” says CBD expert Dr. Jamie Andrews. “The problem is that a lot of other CBD products don’t actually contain any cannabidiol. They market themselves as a CBD oil, but there’s no CBD there. With , that’s not the case. It contains pure cannabidiol and that is what makes it so effective.”

Research has shown that enters the cell membranes 450% more powerfully than other CBD products. Thanks to cutting-edge technology called Cann-ABSORB™, this process boosts cannabinoid levels faster, offering a long list of health benefits:

is now clinically proven to:

With all of these benefits, Big Pharma knows that can help millions of people – and that it could put them completely out of existence.

The recent surge in medicinal marijuana has led to a lot of CBD oil companies trying to create their own miracle products. Many of these companies aren’t following production standards and are producing products that do not produce the desired results. They could even be dangerous – so be careful when you shop!

Big Pharma Is Terrifed Of the Dr. Jamie Gilbert CBD Product

“There are many companies who are trying to jump on the medical marijuana bandwagon, and they’re creating products that just aren’t up to the standard. Some of these products are even dangerous and can have dire results if used,” one high-profile doctor explains. “This is what make our product different. Our CBD oil is extracted from cannabis using the ‘green method’. This is the purest way to do it. It extracts only the cannabidiol, and nothing that could potentially be harmful.”

Large pharmaceutical companies have tried everything to stop from reaching the public. They know it’s going to destroy their business. Despite their efforts, is now reaching the masses and millions are experiencing it’s magical healing effects!

It wasn’t long before the product reached Hollywood, with many well-known celebs using it to resolve their medical problems.

Our senior editor, Taylor Wellington, volunteered to try the product. She had been struggling with rheumatoid arthritis for years and figured she had nothing to lose. This is her story:

Taylor’s Experience With

My name is Taylor and I am a fifty year old mother from Alabama. I have three children, so between taking care of them and working full time, I’m always on my feet. I’ve had anxiety attacks in the past and for years now I’ve been struggling with rheumatoid arthritis. On top of that, I had a bad fall last year that really sent my chronic pain into overdrive. All of this has had a detrimental impact on my quality of life.

I’ve tried physical therapy and exercise for my chronic pain. I’ve tried meditation and massages. All of that did nothing. Then I moved on to prescription medications. The pain meds just made me feel worse, with all of the side effects. I didn’t know what to do. At this point, I was accepting that I might suffer from chronic pain the rest of my life.

Then I saw something on television one day and little did I know, it would change my life. I wasn’t sure at first. I didn’t want to get “high” at all. I did some research on the product and found that it doesn’t produce the psychoactive effects marijuana does. It only produces the beneficial effects for your health. So I figured I’d give it a try! I ordered a trial from and my bottle arrived in just a few days.

After just a few weeks of use, I felt amazing. I hadn’t felt this good since I was a teenager. My pain was completely gone and I wasn’t having panic attacks. I was able to pick up my 5 year old son for the first time in years! After all the therapy and medications, it turned out CBD oil was what I needed all along!

Cassandra’s CBD Oil Success Story

Another person who saw great success with is Cassandra Healey. Cassandra is a 52 year-old grandmother from Grand Rapids Michigan who had been struggling with fibromyalgia for years. Her debilitating pain was making her daily life impossible. She began using this CBD oil and it completely turned things around. Check out her story below!

cannabis product pain relief

I had been dealing with the symptoms of fibromyalgia for over 20 years. My doctors had tried every painkiller in the world, but nothing seemed to work anymore. I had come to accept that chronic pain would just be a part of my life.

…Then I was given the opportunity to try . I was skeptical at first; I had never used CBD oil before. I wasn’t sure how it worked or if it was all just a gimmick. With that said, I had tried everything else before and nothing had made a difference, so I figured I had nothing to lose.

I have to say, I never expected this product to work so quickly. After the first day of use, I noticed a significant reduction in my pain. After one week, it was as if I didn’t even have fibromyalgia! I was able to go on walks with my husband and play with my grandchildren at the park. Needless to say, I ordered more of and will be using it well into the future.

This product has completely changed my life!

Will the Shark Tank CBD Oil Work For You?

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