Falx Cerebri

Falx Cerebri Definition

It is a structure which is present inside the human skull that separates the two hemispheres of the brain. It is also called as cerebral falx due to its sickle-like form.

Falx Cerebri Anatomy

This cerebri is composed of dura mater, which is one of the thick layers of material present between the brain and inner skull. Its superior margins constitutes of the superior sagittal sinus.

Falx Cerebri Location

On the anterior, it is attached to the crista galli of the ethmoid bone and on the posterior it is attached to the upper surface of the tentorium.

Location of Falx Cerebri

Falx Cerebri Location

Falx Cerebri Function

It is designed to act as a pad and defend the brain, to lessen the risk of injury in case of any infection or trauma. In addition to it, this structure also provides passages for fluid drainages, blood vessels and nerves.

Falx Cerebri Radiography

Routine radiological examination of the skull, can find out calcification of the Falax Cerebri. CT Scan and MRI have provided physicians with a safe approach to confirm the calcification.

Falx Cerebri Anatomy Calcification

With age, the composition of the cerebri tends to change and calcifies and grows harder. It is usually without a determinable cause and pathogenic symptoms.

Falx Cerebri Dura Meter

It consists of dura mater. In certain locations of the body, the dura mater makes folds called as reflections. Often the dura mater enters into the skull activity instead of just lining it. Falx Cerebri is one such location

Falx Cerebri Crista Galli

In the front line of the skull, this cerebri joins itself to an edge of bone, called as the crista galli or ‘rooster’s crest.’

Falx Cerebri Pictures

Images of Falx Cerebri Photos of Falx Cerebri Pictures of Falx Cerebri Falx Cerebri Picture





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