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When Olivia Gagnon showed up for her shift at Tim Horton’s, she thought it was just going to be another normal day at work. Little did she know, she was going to stumble upon something that would change her life forever!

Olivia was struggling to support her two children. Her husband had just lost his longtime job and she was now the sole provider. Olivia was considering getting another job on top of her full-time position at Tim Horton’s. Then she made an incredible discovery!

She was on her lunch break and scrolling through Facebook on her phone when she saw something interesting. It was an ad for an online casino called that promised huge payouts. The ad said that new users would get 150 free spins! She was a little skeptical about it, but since she had time to kill, she went ahead and signed up. Ten minutes later, her life was forever changed!

“I didn’t think I was going to win anything. I was just passing the time. So I signed up and got the 150 free spins,” Olivia says. “I never expected this to happen!”

So what exactly happened when Olivia signed up for ? Well, Olivia was just 5 spins into a game called “Mega Moolah” when she hit the ultimate jackpot: $1,362,569! She was in a state of shock and could hardly believe it!

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Olivia’s winnings were deposited into her bank account the next day!

“When I saw that I had hit the jackpot, I just didn’t believe it was real. It was like a dream come true! Part of me still thought it was all a scam,” Olivia explains. “Then, the very next morning the money was deposited into my bank account! I just kept staring at the number and I realized that this is 30 times my salary at Tim Horton’s…so I walked into work that morning and quit!” 

Now that she’s a millionaire, Olivia has huge plans for her family. “We’re going to pay off all our bills and then go on a major vacation! The whole family is so excited!”

Olivia isn’t the only one to win big with . Since their 150 free spin promotion began, 240 users have cashed out with a combined total of over $10,000,000! Since they’ve been dishing out so much money, they’re likely to end this promotion soon. If you want to win big, you’ll have to sign up now!

Our very own Chloe R. went ahead and tried herself. She didn’t win as big as Olivia did, but she still cashed out with $485!

casino winnings

Could this be your lucky day? Sign up for and you could walk away with major cash! This promotion is only available for a limited time, so sign up now to receive 150 free spins for only $10!

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