Student Wins Millions After Spending Just $10. What He Did The Next Day Made Our Jaws Drop

James Walker

Toronto, Canada: James Walker is a 21 year old college student in Toronto. Only in his Junior year, he’s already racked up so much student loan debt! Lucky for him, he just won millions through an online casino app!

James Walker had one year left before he would graduate college. He had already accumulated thousands in student loan debt and was afraid how much more his final year would cost him.  “I love school! I can’t wait to graduate, but I was afraid of how much this was going to cost me when it was all done. Between the tuition, food, supplies, and everything else…it really adds up,” James said.

“I was doing some online research for a paper, and I saw an advertisement for an online casino called . The ad said that you could win thousands in a matter of minutes! I had never used something like that before, but I figured I’d give it a try. I read some reviews before I did anything, and all the reviews were really good so I could tell this was the real deal,” James explained.

Find Out How James Walker Won Millions on an Online Casino!

offers 150 spins for new players who deposit $10. So James deposited his $10 and played his 150 spins, but didn’t win anything. “I was a little bummed that I didn’t win anything at first, but I just had this gut feeling that something good was about to happen, so I deposited $10 more and kept playing,” James says. “On my third spin, I won the Mega Jackpot! $782,349!”

James Walker Winnings

James completely froze when he saw the word “JACKPOT” across the screen. He couldn’t believe it! The first thing he did was call his friends and family to tell them the good news. After the initial shock went away, he realized that he’d be able to pay off all of his student loan debt with thousands left over!

His problems were all gone…

The next day when James checked his bank account, all the money had been deposited! He immediately knew what he wanted to do. He drove directly to the bank and cut a check that would pay off his student loans and cover the rest of his tuition.

How has James’ life been since his big win? Well, his luck only grew from there! He’s managed to hit TWO MORE JACKPOTS playing on ! His total winnings are now over $1.2 million! James has since paid off all of his bills and even bought himself a brand new sports car!

We wanted to see how works for ourselves, so our very own Sara Little gave it a try. She deposited her first $10 and with her 150 spins she won $256! It may not be millions, but she could always hit the jackpot on  just like James did!


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