Pat Mahomes’ Workout Routine

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At just 23 years old, Pat Mahomes is already one of the biggest names in the NFL. In fact, the Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback was named the 2018 Most Valuable Player in addition to the Offensive Player of the Year and the passing touchdowns leader. That’s just the beginning of the accolades for Patrick; he’s sure to continue racking them up as his career goes on! While his achievements are beyond impressive, the most widely discussed thing about Pat has been his unbelievable physique. The young quarterback is incredibly built, most notably his arms. Fans all over the world are in awe of Pat’s arm strength and size, and many wonder just how he has such an insane build! Lucky for those fans, we did our research and we’re sharing what we found about Pat Mahomes’ workout routine!

What Is Pat Mahomes’ Workout Routine?

So how exactly does the 2018 MVP maintain his amazing physique? Well, it doesn’t exactly come easy. Sometimes you have to put the work in if you want the real results, and Pat is clearly putting the work in. One of the main things he does to get ready for a big game is cardio – but not just your standard, running-for-30-minutes cardio. Pat hops on the treadmill with a weighted vest on. He may do this for as long as an hour on days when he wants to put in a little extra effort. Running with a weighted vest helps him to improve his speed as well as keep himself light and lean.

pat mahomes nfl workoutHow does Patrick Mahomes maintain his incredible build?

Now, you know that cardio alone isn’t going to lead to that crazy physique that Pat has. In addition to running, he follows a strict daily weightlifting routine. While you would think consistent weightlifting would be the secret behind Patrick’s stellar arm strength, he attributes that to something else entirely. See, we’ve all come to know Pat as a football superstar, but he actually played baseball as a child and teen. (This could have something to do with his father being Pat Mahomes Sr., a former MLB player!) Pat has said that he feels like his superior arm strength and ability to throw the football freakishly far comes from years of dong “long toss.” Long toss is a common practice drill for baseball players in which the aim is to throw the ball significantly farther than you would during regular play. Pat says that years of repetitively doing these drills has built major strength and endurance in his arms, helping him excel on the football field!

Can You Get Built Like Patrick Mahomes?

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Many fans and aspiring athletes wonder if they can mimic Pat’s workout routine and one day have the same physique (and career success) as Pat. The answer is: you totally can! While some of Patrick’s success is surely due to some level of inherent athletic ability that was passed down through the generations, most of his success is from his hard work. If you’re willing to put in the effort, you can look like Pat and maybe – just maybe – improve your own athletic ability and strength. All you’ll have to do is follow a disciplined daily workout, consisting of both cardio and weightlifting. Some people have found that their muscle mass, strength, and endurance was enhanced with a little help from Pat Mahomes supplements. These supplements use natural ingredients to boost your testosterone and help you pack on lean muscle mass and put in longer workouts at the gym! When used in conjunction with a healthy diet that is rich in protein, and a strict workout routine, you too can have a body like Pat Mahomes. We can’t promise that you’ll ever be an NFL MVP, though…

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