Picture of Actinic cheilitis

Actinic cheilitis

Actinic cheilitis Definition It is an inflammatory condition of the lips that has a high potential of developing into squamous cell carcinoma. The disorder is analogous to actinic keratosis, a precancerous condition of the skin marked by solar-induced lesions. Actinic cheilosis is the other name of this condition. It is sometimes known as “farmer’s lip” or […]

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Photo of Meningitis Rash Glass Test

Meningitis Rash

Meningitis rash Definition This condition is marked by a deep red or pink colored rash on the skin of patients affected with meningitis. Medical experts believe that it is an alarming symptom of an underlying infection and should not be ignored. (more…)

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Parkinson's disease image

Is saliva gland test a new way for diagnosing Parkinson’s disease?

According to a new research by the Mayo Clinic, the saliva gland of an individual can identify and evaluate the presence of Parkinson’s disease. For healthcare providers, the uniqueness of this second most common neurodegenerative disorder has always posed diagnostic challenges. So far, observation of the characteristic symptoms, which include trembling of the limbs at […]

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Aspirin Image

Daily Aspirin Intake Reduces Cancer Risk

In the past, aspirin has been used as a potent drug to treat mild to moderate pain as well as reduce fever or inflammation. However, recent studies have shown that administration of low-dose aspirin can aid in the prevention of cancer in middle-aged adults. In fact, it may take only 2 to 3 years for the […]

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