Picture of Cutis laxa

Cutis laxa

Cutis laxa Definition It is an uncommon skin disease marked by inelastic skin, which may often hang in pendulous folds. The disorder affects the connective tissue that acts as a supportive framework for the body. In Latin, the medical term refers to “loose or lax skin”. Some of the other names of the disorder are: (more…)

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patient help

Clean ear wax using hydrogen peroxide

What is hydrogen peroxide? It is a colorless, syrupy liquid, commonly used in unstable solutions as a bleaching or disinfecting agent. In fact, it is a highly reactive chemical that finds applications in the manufacturing industry. Since hydrogen peroxide is inexpensive and can be purchased over the counter, it forms a cardinal medical aid for […]

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Precordial catch syndrome Picture

Precordial catch syndrome

Precordial catch syndrome Definition It is a non-fatal condition marked by pointed chest pain. The discomfort at the left side of the chest is quite similar to a heart attack as it worsens while breathing heavily. It is abbreviated as PCS and sometimes called Texidor’s Twinge. Precordial catch syndrome Incidence The condition is highly prevalent in […]

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Rectus abdominis (Abs) Location

Rectus abdominis

Rectus abdominis Definition It is a long, flat, paired muscle situated in front of the abdomen. The fibrous tissue falls under the group of abdominal muscle. Normally, rectus abdominis, quadratus lumborum and erector spinae form the three major trunk muscles. It is commonly called “abs” or “6-pack”. “Rectus” refers to the origin of the muscle […]

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