sharp Pain under left rib cage

Pain under Left Rib Cage

It is an incapacitating condition marked by severe discomfort on the left upper abdominal area, centered under the ribs. It is a serious health issue as the problem could be associated with severe traumatic injuries or some form of a systemic disorder. What are the symptoms of Pain under Left Rib Cage? Patients often complain […]

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Sleep deficiency leads to increase in Alzheimer’s risk

Some researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health have found a close relation between insomnia and Alzheimer’s disease, a progressive neurologic disease of the brain leading to memory loss. The research team had initially provided some evidence regarding cognitive disabilities as a result of poor sleep quality. The journal JAMA Neurology has also published this new […]

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images of Pityriasis rosea

Pityriasis rosea

What is Pityriasis rosea? It is a harmless single, large skin rash that causes severe discomfort. It was first described by Gilbert in 1860. The common skin disorder normally refers to “fine pink scale”. It is also called pityriasis rosea of Gilbert. Pityriasis rosea Epidemiology/Incidence The rate of incidence is higher in females than males. It is common […]

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Granuloma annulare finger picture

Granuloma annulare

What is Granuloma annulare? It is a long-term, benign rash that has reddish bumps arranged in a circle or ring on the skin. A granuloma is normally a localized nodular inflammation that closely resembles a grain of sugar or sand. The term “annulare” is derived from the Latin word “anulus”, which means ring. In 1895, Thomas Colcott […]

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Mastoid process Location

Mastoid process

Mastoid process Definition It is a conical or pyramidal bone projection at the base of the skull on each side of the head. Mastoid process Origin It normally projects from the undersurface of the mastoid portion of the temporal bone in the posterior region. The mastoid margin articulates with the jugular process of the occipital bone in […]

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