Angelina Jolie’s Skin Care Anti Aging Cream Has Wiped Years Off Her Face

Angelina Jolie’s best revenge post-divorce is her appearance. Angelina has serious name recognition from her talent as an actress along with her humanitarian work. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s absolutely stunning. Angelina has always taken care of herself and has maintained a pretty healthy lifestyle. After her divorce, we’ve noticed she’s been looking a […]

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The term ascites comes from Greek, askítes, which can be translated as “baglike”. Ascites appears when the abdominal cavity is filled with an abnormal quantity of fluid. Usually, this fluid is serous and has a pale yellow color. The abdominal or peritoneal cavity is right below the chest cavity. The diaphragm is the one that separates the […]

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When women experience the absence of menstruation, they instantly go to the pharmacy and buy a pregnancy test. Usually, the absence of menstruation is the synonym of pregnancy. However, when the menstruation is not coming for a couple of months in a row and the pregnancy test is negative, then this is something else. This […]

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Glaucoma appears when the eye’s optic nerve gets damaged. The optic nerve connects the eye to the brain and once it gets damaged, this can seriously affect the vision. The optic nerve is affected by the increased intraocular pressure. Therefore, the images transmitted to your brain have a lower quality and in time, glaucoma can […]

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Argyll Robertson Pupil

Argyll Robertson Pupil Definition Argyll Robertson Pupil (ARP), also called AR Pupils, refers to small bilateral pupils that constrict when a person tries to focus on a near object but do not constrict when the eyes are exposed to light of bright intensity [1]. They react to accommodation but show no response to light. Argyll […]

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